Notable Characters
  • Grumpilous Gribbet
  • Jonnie Gribbet

Word Count: 850
Title: The Wonderful World of Gribbet's
Type: Picture Book 
Lesson/Purpose: Humorous Illustrations of Frogs choreographed in everyday life situations.

How much do we really know about our cute, cold and slimy friends, the gribbets?
Venture with us as we take you behind the scenes as we capture the moments they don't want us humans to see.


What a wonderful time you will have in this book. Open it up & have a look.

Gribbetts are frogs just as arfs are barks. You may even hear a gribbet song. Of course you can join along but please sing it with pride. 
Grimpulous the gribbet sings his duets on the lillypads with his friend clyde. 
Of course their voice may sound horse but they are still know world wide

Quote: Slip, slip. What shall I do with this fly who landed on my lip?

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Created by: James A. McDonnell

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