Notable Characters
  • Captain Cavitiy
  • Timmy's Talking Tooth
  • Drill Seargant Stan
  • Jack Plaque

Word Count: 550
Title: Timmy's Talking Tooth
Type: Picture Book 
Lesson/Purpose: Teaches Children the importance of Brushing their teeth and what could happen if they don't.

Have you ever seen Jack Plaque? Be careful for he may be getting ready to attack.
"I am delighted to meet your acquaintance. I’ve come from the lack of maintenance. Today I am here, tomorrow I am there and soon…I will be everywhere." Will Timmy's talking tooth survive the torment from this nemesis by the name of Jack Plaque?

Excerpt: There once was a boy named Timmy that had a tooth that could talk. For now, the tooth didn’t have too much to talk about, but in time that would change. 

All was happy for the tooth that lived in the Timmy’s gums.

Every morning, noon and night, it saw new things. They were filled with wonderful smells and came in many shapes and sizes. They were called food. The food never stopped to talk though, just floated on by.

Then one morning the tooth woke up to find, some food was...

Quote: You will be ruined when I turn you green, then you will be the ugliest tooth anyone has ever seen! Smelly and rotten and soon forgotten after you've been pulled out by a machine

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Created by: James A. McDonnell

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