Notable Characters
  • Harriet the happiest book
  • Drew, the story writer
  • Carmen, the illustrator

Word Count: 750
Type: Picture Book 
Lesson/Purpose: Teaches the audience the importance of illustrators and story writers.

When Harriet, the happiest book of Book Land sees  a faintly shadow of a man was weeping softly in the corner of the the room; talking as if his book business is doomed, she tells the other books of Book Land they must help him.

Excerpt: One day, a few books began to appear in Book land without any pictures in them. The books thought silently, one day I may, but unfortunately not for me today. Soon the books didn’t have anything left to say.

The inhabitants of Book Land began to ask around. Where did these books come from and why are they so glum? The new and shiny books were worried they’d be swept away too and come back with nothing to say. Maybe it was a lie all the while that all books left Book Land with a smile.
Quote: Bookland wasn’t on a map nor could it be found by just anyone one looking around. Books of every page and every page lived in Book Land.
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Created by: James A. McDonnell

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