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  • Freddy The Teddy

Word Count: 450
Title: The Journey Of Freddy, My Teddy
Type: Concept Picture Book 
Lesson/Purpose: Fantasy built around the setting of toy store

Teddy lay on the table. He wanted to move, but wasn’t quite able
Some of his parts were incomplete. He had a head but no arms and feet. Would Teddy lie there forever alone or would someone save him?

Sometimes at night, he’d look for the little trace of light that shined through a nearby window. Onto the table where he lie, he was able to see bright reflections of what looked like shapes. These shapes would walk around and often made weird sounds

Something must be wrong Teddy thought… If they can walk then why can't I?
Quote: Bounce, bounce, bounce he went through the store in the box with a dent
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Created by: James A. McDonnell

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