Notable Characters
  • Thomas Quill
  • Frances The Cat
  • Darla the young girl visitor
  • The book on the hook

Word Count: 1,500
Title: One Day, Some Day Thomas
Type: Picture Book 
Lesson/Purpose: Touches the subject of procrastination, reminding us it's allways best to finish the project and not let them pile up and become overwhelming
When Thomas P. Quill, a talented writer, doesn’t fulfill the ultimatum to publish his books and showcase his late father’s paintings, he finds himself in a situation that may end up badly for him and everyone in the house. 

Excerpt: Later that night, Thomas didn’t feel right for appearing to be so cruel. He knew through books, children yearn to learn just as they do in school. Darla wasn’t alone. Someone elses feelings were hurt too; right there in his home.
Downstairs below, the book she touched tried best to fall sleep. Instead, it wept most of the night, for its heart was hurt so deep.
The sound of its cry startled others nearby, They were angry about what Thomas said. They tried to comfort the troubled book by saying, “don’t worry, some day you will be read.

Quote: “We will be read, we will be read, that is what he said.”
“He lied to us and now lost our trust. He will be doomed instead.

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Created by: James A. McDonnell

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