Notable Characters
  • Henry Evans
  • Hubert The Owl

Word Count: 900
Title: Henry & Hubert 
Type: Picture Book 
Lesson/Purpose: Teaches children to show compassion for misunderstood animals

Tonight, young Henry will get the suprise of his life when a wounded owl lands on his window sill seeking his help. The amazing owl mimics everything he does--hubert even sings too!

Excerpt: As Hubert fell towards the ground, he tried his best to flap his wings to get back up home to his nest but the storm was too great and now he lay amongst the leaves on the ground, tired and fearful. He had never been away from his family.

 Once the storm had passed, Hubert’s mother and the rest of his family called out to him over and over again but Hubert had lost his way, too far away from his family to be found.

From tree to tree, he sings his melodies then he flies away, into the night
Singing owl, please sing...You sing about every wonderful thing
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The Singing Owl
"The Singing Owl"
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Created by: James A. McDonnell

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