Notable Characters
  • Franklin Walker
  • Frederic the Fragon
  • Blue Goddess of the murk.

Word Count: 114K
Title: Frankie Walker & The Fragons
Type: Young Adult
Lesson/Purpose: Fantasy
Frankie walker is an ordinary boy that loves to do ordinary things. This summer he's moving away to a new home by  a mysterious lake where something dark and looming awaits him.

Excerpt: A few weeks went by and Frankie’s excitement hadn’t subsided. He loved everything about his new life, especially spending time on the lake. Frankie set himself a goal to become a master at skipping stones. He wanted to be able to skip a stone at least 10 times in a row. Every day after school Frankie would run down the dock with a handful of shiny stones for his daily practice.

It was Friday afternoon and Frankie was excited for the weekend’s endless fun on the lake.  As usual he started the afternoon by practicing his mastery at the dock. After the 7th throw, one of the stones he threw into the water came skipping back to him and landed in his hand. 

Quote: A fragon, she explained was an ancient amphibious creature, half dragon, half frinkle frog. What's a frinkle frog, Frankie asked.
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Created by: James A. McDonnell

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