Notable Characters
  • Rebecca Jones
  • Ethan Odoms

Word Count: 68k
Title: Ethans' Song
Type: Young Adult
Lesson/Purpose: The power of music and how influential it still remains. 

When Ethan laid eyes on Rebecca Jones on the eve of their ten year reunion , their lives would be re-shaped by more than just a casual hello.

Excerpt: That night, after Ethan reaquainted himself with Rebecca, he kicked back on his chair and began to flip through an old photo album from school bestowing old pictures of him and Rebecca and the band he and his 3 best friends put together. 

As he flipped a few more pages, an old dusty paper fell out of the book. It was the song he wrote for Rebecca,  never played, never recorded: just words wrote for someone he deeply cared for.
Quote: When I lost track of you, every word I had wrote in that song, turned from meaningful to meaningless in a split second.
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Created by: James A. McDonnell

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