Notable Characters
  • Captain Vanguard
  • The labordans
  • Beletora

Word Count: 2,700
Title: Captain Vanguard Of Exardia
Type: Comic - Super Hero 
Lesson/Purpose: Sci- Fi Fantasy

From another dimension in time on a distant planet called Exardia in inner struggle for power unfolds between Beletora and brother CVOX. "aka" Captain Vanguard.


Both knew good and evil could not exist without the other. This being their paradox, both brother and sister would fight to cease control of their planet and soon be forced to dominate the other.

Beletora had become quite powerful over the years. If she and her labordians could dominate other inhabitants that shared Exardia, it would bring her one step closer to gaining control of the entire planet, then soon maybe the universe. She also had the help of crime lords all throughout Exardia.

The Iborzoblins ran the outer rims of some of the smaller towns. They overtime corrupted beletora even more then helped her to build her own city Beletoria and religion of Beletorianism.

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Created by: James A. McDonnell

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